Monday, 2 October 2006

Stoke Plaza / The House / The Works

Rob, Jambo, Patrick and myself went to the above parks this weekend.
First up was Stoke Plaza, which quite simply is probably the best outdoor park I've ever been to (sorry Jay). It's so good in fact that we didn't get any photos or video (no-one wanted to stop skating to get behind the camera).

After a few hours at Stoke we got rained out and so headed to Sheffield to skate indoor park The House which was much less hectic than the plaza, and everyone had a good skate. I took some photos which you'll probably see in about two months knowing me.

The next day we headed to Leeds to skate The Works skatepark which is probably the best indoor park I've ever been to (sorry again Jay, and sorry for the superlatives, although I feel they're justified). 'The Strip' which runs the whole length of the park is fun embodied in wooden form.

Here are few photos from Rob at The Works:

Jambo's footage from The House and The Works:

Watch / QuickTime

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Blogger Jambo said...

footage is uploaded to the host site so jamie, 'make the post'. although we didn't film that many good tricks it is a nice little video with a bit of pat dancing.

9:27 pm, October 02, 2006  

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